Why CallCoach?

… You have closers on the showroom floor, why not on the phone? The CallCoach program is an integrated performance management solution provided by industry experts. With CallCoach, you can perfect your team’s response time to every phone call and convert more prospects to showroom visitors.

Starting with a review of your recorded customer’s calls, CallCoach identifies weak sales techniques and lost sales opportunities. This evaluation reinforces who your sales stars are while identifying for who needs more coaching and training – and in what areas.

CallCoach will help ensure your calls are answered professionally; prospects are properly qualified and invited to the dealership; your phone script effectively converts callers to showroom visitors; your preferred phone greeting is consistently followed; managers receive snapshot reports of individual phone sales performance combined with teleconference follow-up; and a solid success rate of customer recovery. CallCoach is guaranteed to increase appointments and your sales over time.

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why callcoach?