PCS-Global has a variety of products and services serving the auto, marine and RV dealerships. See below for a few and contact us for more information.


"you do for yourself"

  • CallCapture’s web-based system allows you to access your sales and/or service calls from anywhere in the world
  • Every lead is captured and numerous automated reports are generated

With the easy-to-use online call reporting tools of CallCapture© your organization will be able to:

  • Analyze call traffic to identify your most productive advertising campaigns and ad sources
  • Capture callers’ names and addresses for future mail promotions
  • Record customer calls for quality assurance and training improvement


"we do for you"

Remote agents listen to every single customer interaction that comes in on the toll-free lines, creating abbreviated summaries of the call allowing dealerships to pinpoint business improvement in key areas such as customer relations, customer recovery, sales, service and marketing. At a glance, key personnel will regularly know the content of their departments’ calls.

TelePuLsE gives business owners and managers current information for Sales and Service Department meetings, appointment confirmation and marketing efforts.

If a call is mishandled, TelePuLsE agents will send an alert called a Save-A-Deal© notification. This allows the management team to follow up immediately with a customer – often resulting in a customer recovery with increased customer satisfaction and financial rewards.

TelePulse is a fabulous use of technology allowing a manager to be fully aware of the productive or destructive real time telephone dialog between the employee and the customer. Problems are resolved and/or prevented by virtue of immediate knowledge a supervisor has regarding inbound phone call content. Worth every penny invested.

Dan Leahy
General Manager
Volvo Village of Norwell
Audi Norwell and Porsche of Norwell


"we do until you can"

The CallCoach® program is a performance management solution provided exclusively by industry experts. With CallCoach, you can perfect your team’s response to every phone call and convert more prospects to showroom visitors. Starting with a review of your recorded customer calls, CallCoach identifies weak appointment setting techniques and lost sales opportunities. This evaluation reinforces who your sales stars are while identifying for you who needs more coaching and training - and in what areas.

CallCoach® will help ensure:

  • Your calls are answered professionally
  • Prospects are properly qualified and invited to the dealership
  • Callers are effectively converted to the showroom
  • Your preferred phone script or Roadmap is followed, measured, tracked and trended
  • Managers receive bi-weekly Phone Sales Performance reports combined with teleconference Coaching (Targeted Live Coaching: TLC)

CALLCOACH® is guaranteed to increase appointments and sales over time!

I went from selling 12 units per month to 25 when I was selling. CallCoach was the primary driver in my success. Now as the General Manager of the largest honda dealership in Lincoln, I wouldn't think of running my store without it.

Eric Olsen
General Manager
Honda of Lincoln


"we do with you"

When Talk Ain’t Cheap (W.T.A.C.) workshops provide three comprehensive modules focusing on telephone skills for phone handlers and B.I.C. (Best In Class) Internet processes to maximize the value of dealership leads management. W.T.A.C. training workshop modules:

  • Module-One focuses on In-Bound sales and/or Service calls
  • Module-Two teaches how to reduce/eliminate objections while role-playing techniques to overcome them
  • Module-Three demonstrates the 10-Step process for making successful Out-Bound calls
  • Module-Four provides skills for Internet Phone calls, in conjunction with award- winning templates & contact schedules

Emphasis is on setting appointments to increase in-store opportunities from in-bound calls, various out-bound calls and Internet leads. Answers to real-world questions, avoiding and handling objections, as well as offering practical exercises to reinforce the lessons complete this valuable experience. It is our recommendation that the four Modules be completed in sequence. The foundation and fundamental phone skills of all four modules is Module-One, which should be completed first by all showroom andinternet call handlers answering inbound sales calls.

For any dealership who realizes the extreme value of the inbound phone call for setting appointments that directly relate to selling more vehicles, I’d strongly recommend PCS-Global & Dr. John’s program. It’s head and shoulders above any other in the industry! I stand ready to act as a reference for what their program has done for me!” 
  • Appointment to Call average was 2.4 to 10 (24% prior to WTAC phone skills workshop)
  • More than doubled or 58% Appointments to Calls after WTAC training
  • Sold 138 units in May; 150 in June; and 185 in July (best June in three years)
  • Gross profits exceeded $580,000 (WTAC training was $2,500/day – pretty good ROI wouldn’t you say!)
  • In July, out of 120 dealers - we are up 16% to 24%
  • Keys to success: dedication to the CallCoach Roadmap; no script deviation; and a 10-15 minute meeting with AM and PM staff everyday for 2 weeks following training

Bill Harned
General Manager
Jerry’s Ford