About Us


Founded in 1977 as a clinical and consulting firm, PCS-Global has been serving and leading auto, marine and RV dealerships just like yours into increased sales, customer retention & greater employee satisfaction.

Dr. John Mlinarcik

Dr. John Mlinarcik has logged over 100,000 hours managing employee, customer, and manager resistance as both a psychotherapist and business entrepreneur. He has led hundreds of strategic & tactical evaluation and execution sessions that have positively impacted “the bottom line.” He was Senior Director at Reynolds & Reynolds, Chief Operations Officer for The Nickelsen Group, VP of Professional Services at R.L. Polk, and Chief Strategy Officer for Call Source. He has coached hundreds of local, state & national companies, organizations and associations.

Featured 12 times NADA, RVDA, AAISP keynote

Invited speaker @ 13th Annual Digital Dealers Conference


Our Team

john parker

John Parker

John Parker joined PCS-Global as our Director of Field Operations in June of 2012. “JP” brings over 28 years of automotive experience having held every position in variable operations from salesperson to General Manager. As a member of the PCS-Global team, he is involved in consulting and training, as well as playing a key role in the growth and development of PCS-Global. JP has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Cincinnati. He hails from Ohio, and enjoys motorcycling, camping and fishing, and spending time with his family.


Nick Manory

Nick Manory has been with PCS-Global in the CallCoach arena since 2010. He is our Head Coach and also trains our “When Talk Ain’t Cheap” phone handling skills sessions. Nick has 10 years of automotive experience in Sales and Business Development and was an eCommerce director and actually began using our Phone-Up Roadmap early in his career and has been using it since 2004. He studied photography at the New England Institute of Art in Brookline, MA. Nick lives in Boston with his cat Ruby and he enjoys long walks on the beach, stuffed animals, unicorns, and doing the Harlem Shake.


Christine Scherrer

Christine Scherrer became a Coach for PCS-Global in 2012. She has been in automotive sales for over 12 years and has also been an internet manager, and has a background in training and quality assurance. Christine has a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University. She lives in Michigan with her husband and two bulldogs, Hooch and Sadie. Christine enjoys camping in their 32 ft Keystone Laredo, as well as fishing and hiking, and photography.


Carrie Edan-Crane

Carrie Edan-Crane is our Director of Quality Assurance for CallCoach. She has been instrumental in the growth and development of the CallCoach product in particular. Carrie also monitors and scores call handler customer interactions. She lives in Canada with her husband and their two dogs, Stewie and Priest. Carrie enjoys riding her Ninja 600 and is wickedly funny on Facebook.


Sue Morrison

Sue Morrison has been a member of the PCS-Global team since 2010. As our Project Manager, she coordinates our “When Talk Ain’t Cheap” training sessions and supports CallCoach, telePulse and CallCapture. Sue uses her 10 years of experience as a corporate trainer and Training Department Manager to facilitate and maintain all areas of our business. She has a B.S. and M.S. in Education from Indiana University. Sue lives in Michigan with her husband and three children.